Hetty Hoover Review

Numatic Hetty Hoover – 2017 Review

We were really impressed by the Hetty Hoover.Most of us haven’t heard of the name Numatic International but we are well aware of the excellent reputation of some of its Henry and Hetty Hoover creations.

Despite the advances in technology and changing times, Henry has remained popular amongst users and this isn’t just due to his friendly smile. As a matter of fact, this vacuum cleaner has performed fantastically well through the years.

Following the success and reputation, Numatic created the Hetty vacuum cleaner to make it a doubles team. In this 2016 review, we aim to look at this cleaning machine in detail and evaluate whether this can still do a good job at keeping your home clean!

Product Power (Watts) Capacity (Litres) Noise Level (dB) Weight (Kg) Price
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Hetty Hoover Review


The design of the Hetty vacuum cleaner is nice and simple.After the success of Henry hoover, there were demands for Numatic International to create another model in feminine colours. As a consequence of this demand, the Hetty hoover was released.

When it comes to appearance, the new model looks very similar. The main difference is that instead of a red colour, we have a more feminine pink colour with the exact same smile and the name “Hetty” written on the top.

The design of these hoovers is unique and one that appeals to all kinds of people. Professional cleaners see their own advantages in buying this model and we’ll discuss this a little bit later. However, the design is highly appealing to families because it is different to the normal robotic-looking vacuum cleaners we have these days. The design obviously appeals to women and children especially young girls who will probably treat this vacuum cleaner as if it were a toy.

The smile is another factor that is brilliant with this hetty hoover because it really does give off a positive vibe. This is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see it and smiling while carrying out housework can only be a good thing.

So, again, there are absolutely no complaints against the design. It looks different in a good way and it’ll certainly be like your cleaning companion every time you use it.

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Henry the hoover has and continues to receive nationwide praise for its durability and the Hetty vacuum cleaner has shown the exact same results.

As mentioned previously, this vacuum cleaner has maintained its popularity with professional cleaning staff and a large part of that is due to the robustness of this model. It literally is built harder than a brick and can withstand an enormous amount of punishment. If you find yourself going through a lot of vacuum cleaners then try this one as the associated build quality gets full marks.

This tough build quality is what attracts customers because after spending a little bit of money, you can be confident that there won’t be any need to upgrade this vacuum cleaner for quite some time.

The Hetty hoover is also quite heavy. While this can be seen as a bit of a drawback, I feel that it just indicates the impressive level of quality associated with the machine. However, if you do suffer from a bad back, it might be a good idea to avoid using this.


This Hetty vacuum is ideal for both carpets and wooden floors.I’ve already mentioned that this machine has been extremely popular with professional cleaning staff. While a part of this is due to the build quality, the excellent performance and power is also a huge contributing factor. It really is a bit of a workhorse and it certainly gets the cleaning done quickly and efficiently.

Ideally, it should be used in small office and household settings, as it is the most effective here. Generally, it’s effective for both solid surfaces and carpets though you will need to vacuum a bit harder if you wish to clean carpets. However, the hetty hoover does come with all kinds of smaller accessories that will make it easier for you to clean all kinds of surfaces including tighter areas.

Over the years, Numatic have upgraded the motor technology of this vacuum cleaner for the better. It has a 2-stage technology, that’s associated with 620 watts of power. This can also be used in high and low power according to your own needs.

Most cheap vacuum cleaners are quite frustrating because of the lack of a strong suction. However, this couldn’t be more different when compared to this hoover, which is extremely strong and will allow you to keep your home and office spotless.

Due to the strong suction and motor, a lot of people often assume that the noise level of this machine will be too high. However, this is not the case and the latest model has reduced noise level when compared the previous ones.

In addition to the strong power and performance, this machine also contributes to a convenience factor. This is mostly due to the capacity of the bag integrated into the hoover. This stands at 9 litres, a capacity which indicates that you won’t need to change the bag that often. This will waste less time and allow you to focus on the cleaning aspect rather than worrying about emptying the bag too often.

Alongside the above advantageous factors, there are several other positive points associated with the hetty hoover. It has a good size and comes with a long cable so you can be certain that you’ll be able to access every corner of the house. The cable can also be easily put away with the rewind system integrated into the hoover. Furthermore, the Henrietta hoover is extremely simple to operate and comes with all sorts of extra accessories. If there is a particular accessory you need, you’ll also have a nice selection available for purchase.

As you can guess, these are the factors that combine perfectly well to ensure that this product performs as well as it does. These are the factors that allow this hoover to live up to the expectations brought about its predecessor Henry!


The Hetty hoover is quite reasonably priced.

However, after comparisons with similarly priced vacuum cleaners, it’s easy to determine that this performs well higher than expectations. This means that the price-performance value of this model is absolutely amazing.

If you were to buy any vacuum cleaner within the same price range, there are high chances that it won’t last anywhere near as long as the Hetty hoover will. As a result of this, if you’re looking for a relatively cheap model then this model should be on the top of your list.

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At a time when there are huge advances in technology, most of the older electrical equipment is going obsolete. However, the Hetty hoover has managed to maintain its popularity amongst homeowners and professional cleaners. This is due to various reasons.

The combination of affordable cost, high durability, excellent performance and a feel-good design factor has allowed Numatic to ride the storm and come out standing tall. This along with an impressively high price to performance ratio of this product is bound to ensure that this vacuum cleaner exceeds expectations for many more years to come. It really is a name we can all trust.

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